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Are you making noise? Hinders the «shovel»*? We have come to you!

Ural bikers have been waiting for this moment for a long time – and they have waited! On the eve of the Great Victory Day, on May 8, 2022, the official opening of the 2022 motorcycle season took place at the "pyatak" at the KKT "Cosmos" in Yekaterinburg. The UCEPS AT Group of Companies once again, as in the good old days, acted as a sponsor and co-organizer of this event.

More than one thousand motorcyclists and lovers of two-wheeled horses gathered on this beautiful sunny day to remove the thirst for communication in a cheerful noisy party, under the roar of engines and the sounds of heavy rock. For the past two years, coronavirus restrictions have prevented bikers from holding such mass events.

This time it was all in full! Music, demonstrations on motorcycles and ATVs, an exhibition of military-themed "Urals" with strollers, burning rubber with smoke, dancing beauties, custom bikes and, of course, leather jackets and bearded men on choppers.

The UCEPS AT Group of companies presented a mobile complex for measuring the noise level of motorcycles and manufacturing a new model of motor numbers. In addition, our specialists conducted consultations on the certification of homemade motorcycles, on the registration of changes to the design of vehicles and much more.

There were not many people who wanted to check the noise level of their motorcycle. I will make a reservation right away, in accordance with the Technical Regulations TR CU 018/2011, the permissible noise level of a motorcycle should not exceed by more than 5 dB A the values set by the vehicle manufacturer, and in the absence of these data - no more than 96 dB. Basically, bikers, on the contrary, tried to make sure that it was their motorcycle that was the loudest, and asked to make noise measurements for these purposes.

But there was a queue for small new-model motor meters. Our specialists were able to produce more than a dozen license plates for motorcycles in a short time allocated for the event, right on the spot. The happy owners immediately changed the "shovels" on the bikes for neat little plates.

In general, everyone was satisfied. And for those who for some reason did not have time to purchase a small motor number during the event, they can always contact us during working hours at the address: Yekaterinburg, Krupnosortschikov str., 14, INSPECTION box.


*"Shovel" – license plate for an old-style motorcycle of large size