UCEPS AT|Testing and Certification|Inspection and insurance|Tahografe and GLONASS|The LIC plate and sprts designed|Examination, ATP, ADR


The company UCAPS

Ekaterinburg, street of Krupnosortnom., 14 (inspection box)


Will produce in 10 minutes


  • New motorcycles (newly registered);
  • On new ATVs, snowmobiles, snegurochkoy.


The room will assign the traffic police, we will produce!!!!!

Room price - just 1000 rubles

(below the state 33.3%)


Your benefit:

  • Immediately get the license plate of the new sample (small);
  • You do not pay stamp duty in the traffic police for the issuance of the license plate.



The promotion is valid till 31 Aug 2020

Phones for inquiries:

+7 (343) 286-43-99

+7 (343) 213-44-00

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