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Christmas price reduction!

Set duplicates on the car (2 PCs) – 1600 R.

The duplicate motorcycle numbers on the old and new GOST (large and small) – 1500 R

Duplicate for snowmobile and ATV on the old and new GOST (large and small) – 1500 R

Duplicate for tractors and trailers – 1500 R.

  • Stole license plates from vehicle

    Replacement of stolen numbers only recently ceased to be a problem for car owners. And if before the unlucky motorists pay a huge amount to the kidnappers, what would the number returned, then today simplified the procedure for restoring license plates leaves thieves without earnings. …

  • CTP contract: latest from the experts

    The system of compulsory motor third-party insurance since the beginning of its operation in the country raises a number of questions from the owners of the cars. …

  • Examination of the tires of the limousine the first President of Russia

    Carefully examine the tires, mounted on "swallow" the President revealed …