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New monomer 10 minutes in Yekaterinburg

After the close of the season decided to beg the big change in Moto numbers on "small" according to the new standards. Phoned the office in our town who makes duplicate numbers that Google gave, "small" Moto numbers everywhere only under the order, shipping a few days, one he does not. We stopped at a service at St. Corona Mechanics Cherepanov 23, to agree on the motorcycle maintenance and saw on the wall they had a large stand, where hangs a "small" room.

Asked where, how much and where. The guys said that we in the city on the street Krupnosortnom, 14 is the ucaps office. I went once, fortunately it is not far the documents in the ILO was carrying.

The building was round on the left and on the reverse side on the box I saw the sign for "Production possibility" and "Inspection" next to the sink.

I went in, asked, doing, or not "small" room, replied, "YES", the documents it asked for the registration certificate and passport or the right, filled then the application for production.

Asked to see the room done, not denied. First frame rests, there the pads the symbols, letters, numbers, the right combination of stacked and inserted blank blank (it only has the flag, the inscription "RUS" already has a and the field region, separated by a partition) and press gagging. It turns out the number stamped unpainted. The colouring happens on the other machine and it's not really a painting, and hot stamping foil film black.

In General, wait 7-8 minutes, until warmed to the desired temperature the machine with tape and "paint" the room. On the whole process of making room spent 10 minutes.

While waiting, I learned that for ATVs and snowmobiles is also a small room entered, and not as previously, "tractor", which is even more old motorcycle. Their manufacture in the near future will be engaged, so that the "extremists" please, change is not something that "spade" as a Moto, a "laptime" tractor in a small room in size as the new Moto, just the location of the characters more.

In celebration of the "little" Moto rooms decided to make a duplicate front license on your car, mine is already very worn over time. The procedure is the same, only the wait is not necessary, because the machine with the tape was already warmed up.

All documents, permits and necessary papers for ugotovlena they have. It turned out, the only one in our city and region who are doing "small" motor rooms according to the new standards. The price of 2000 rubles. Would recommend.

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