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The need for duplicates of state registration plates for vehicles can arise for various reasons. This can be theft, wear, loss or damage as a result of an accident.

Our company for several years is engaged in the manufacture of duplicates of automobile license plates.

We are glad to announce that now, also "motobruya" and "motosisters", will be able to get a duplicate of the "motto number" for their "iron horse" within 10 minutes. Do not order, transfer money, wait a few days, do not re-register the motorcycle. Come to us with the necessary documents (certificate of registration of the vehicle and a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, or a driver's license) and after 10 minutes a new number will be ready!

We did not ignore the "combiners" - "tractor drivers"! We will make a duplicate of the "tractor number" of any region of the Russian Federation! In fact, the concept of "tractor number" is much wider, because This category includes all equipment registered in GOSTEKHNADZOR: agricultural machinery, tractor trailers and semi-trailers, snowmobiles and snow-mobile vehicles, also, these registration marks are assigned for ATVs.

A motorcycle and a tractor are the same vehicles as a car, so riding without a number is also punishable by a fine and increased attention from traffic police officers. In connection with the increasing number of "motobat" in large cities, "hooliganism" becomes unprofitable.

Some motorcyclists specifically apply to the number of difficultly washable covers for the impossibility of identifying the numbers and letters on the sign, than under today's legislation can receive not only a fine:

(Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, Article 12.2 1. Management of a vehicle with unreadable, non-standard or state registration marks established in violation of the requirements of the state standard, with the exception of cases provided for by part 2 of this article - entails a warning or imposition of an administrative fine of five hundred rubles.);

But also lose their rights! (Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, Article 12.2. 2. Management of a vehicle without state registration plates, as well as the management of a vehicle without state registration plates established at the designated places, or driving a vehicle with state registration plates modified or equipped using devices or materials preventing Identification of state registration signs or allowing them to be modified or hidden - entails the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand rubles or deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of one to three months.)

Note. The state registration plate is considered non-standard if it does not meet the requirements established in accordance with the legislation on technical regulation and unreadable if at least 20 meters of reading at night is not given by at least one of the letters or digits of the rear state registration plate; Daylight at least one of the letters or numbers of the front or rear state registration plate.

Therefore, we propose to prepare in advance for the new summer season and equip your "iron horse" with a state registration sign, instead of lost, stolen or destroyed.


We are waiting for you at: Ekaterinburg ul. Large-class d 14, boxing "Technical inspection"

Information on the phone: +7 (343) 286-43-99; 213-44-00.

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