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From 15 to 17 July in Ekaterinburg took place the XIII the BIKE-ROCK FESTIVAL. The organizer of the festival traditionally was the motorcycle club "Black knives", Ekaterinburg. Our company took active part in organizing this event as a sponsor.

In a picturesque location within the town limits, on the shores of lake Shartash gathered bikers and those wishing to relax by touching the rock and nature, from the whole Ural region and not only.

We must pay tribute to the organizers of the festival. The program was intense and interesting. Great rock concert with participation of famous Russian group "Mara" and "Kukryniksy", various competitions, shows ATV competitions in car audio and tuning, exhibition-competition on customizing, demonstrations of army fighting and many more were able to see the guests of the festival.

It was possible, quite seriously, to enlist in the army for contract service. Item records from the military Commissariat was a round of laughter from the audience.

Directly on the territory of the festival everyone could enjoy and instantly make duplicates of the state registration signs or Souvenirs in the form of license plates. Our experts possess a mobile workshop with the appropriate equipment. Souvenir license plate became part of the prizes for the winners of various competitions of the festival.

Overall the festival was a success. Thank you "Black knives" for a wonderful holiday! We will try in the future to support our Yekaterinburg bikers with their initiatives.