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Souvenirs in the form of car numbers

What is an original gift?

The original gift - is the gift that is able to surprise, awaken pleasant emotions and leave pleasant memory of the time of receipt. Each of us is faced with a problem in your life that give a close or loved one who has, and so we, the opinion already has everything. ! The answer is simple souvenir car number - it is precisely because of that original thing that will surprise, both men and women, regardless of their age, marital status and activity. At your request we can draw and write on the license plate of any text, icon or image, giving a unique gift of your uniqueness. It does not matter, it will be the name, phone number, nickname beloved dog, drawing or symbol - your every wish will be reflected on the gift autonumbers exactly in the form in which you would like.

What souvenir car number?

Gift car number is made on the aluminum plate, which is manufactured on special equipment in accordance with the requirements of the standard state license plates. We can give it a fantastic and unique design, made for your project. Background of such a blank can be of different colors. For our clients we provide a choice of white blank, black, blue, yellow, green or red colors. Application of the desired character on the selected workpiece, there is a method of forming a relief. This technology is one of the best in the printing license plates. Such technology allows to transfer the volume and clarity of symbols, by extrusion of letters or numbers or images. Our experts can make a reality of any wish, regardless of background, language, taken as a basis for writing or image, which must be on a deluxe autonumbers. The only limitation is your imagination can become a small area of the base plate. On average, the field allows you to apply from 7 to 8 characters, and the font must be a certain height, which corresponds to the rules of the alignment of the text in a given area.

Ideas for decoration souvenir license plate

To make your gift unique and make an impression you need to select the color of the workpiece, a word or a nickname which may carry a hidden meaning. This can be expensive and dear to a particular image or drawing. Our technology allows us to put any on the complexity of a unique symbol or icon, give it a new look by the relief and reflect it all that bears the image of another. Many of our customers are applied to gift room names, anniversaries, that their lives have been immortalized by some event or simply original confess their feelings. If you need a gift for a woman, the perfect solution may be an option as her favorite phrase, which it characterizes. Maybe that's in it is hidden only known her a sense. Believe me, every woman, becoming the owner of such a unique thing, appreciate such attention highly. Regarding men, for gift autonumbers can place his initials, a nickname, to come up with a funny phrase, write his position or occupation. This will undoubtedly bring a smile and be a long time remind the person who gave him the gift. In our experience, many parents bought souvenir car plates with the names of their children, emphasizing the original carriage. In short, if you face the issue of choosing the text you want to put on the gift autonumbers, our specialists can always find a suitable idea. Our company will help you to realize all your wishes to your gift for a long time please its owner. In addition, if for some reason, your gift is damaged, we can always update it or make a duplicate at any time convenient for you.

Our address Ekaterinburg, 14, inspection box. Come and make sure that the original and exclusive gift to do is not so hard, knowing where it is possible to order and purchase.

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