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Stole license plates from vehicle

Replacing the stolen numbers only recently ceased to be a problem for car owners. And if before the unlucky motorists paid huge sums of the kidnappers that would be number back, but nowadays a simplified procedure for recovery license plate thieves leave without earnings.

Bureaucratic red tape and the impunity of those who stole the air-transport, car owners put before a choice: to pay, to avoid red tape and restore the license plates, wasting time and wasting your nerves. Today's thieves rooms concentrate on the machines that are registered outside of Russia, despite the fact that the punishment for theft rooms government tightened. Although not disregard Russian cars. What to do if the number has been stolen - foreign or domestic? What will threaten those who stole these numbers? This will be discussed below.


Abduction of license plates put on stream, ie, this people are making money, and, a lot. The process takes place in this way. A thief or a group of thieves who look after the car. The suits them twisted numbers take them with you, as the owner of the auto is left a note in which the phone is indicated. Call the number indicated is necessary to make in order to find out how much it appreciated your room. Typically, the minimum amount of 2,000 rubles, but such rates rarity. For return the license plate will have to pay 5,000 rubles. The amount that the kidnappers are asking, as a rule, do not pass into the hands and transferred to a bank account or e-wallet. Once the money will be the kidnappers, they will inform the place where hidden numbers. In any case, the kidnappers themselves on personal contact with the owner did not go.

STOLE Russian numbers. WHAT TO DO?

The first step in this case - to write a statement to the police and make sure that it took. To do this, you must request a coupon, which will include information officer who took the statement, the time of adoption and the number under which the statement was made. In practice, the majority of thefts of number plates are not investigated, and after 10 days, be ordered to refuse the examination of the case. Hands omitted in this case it is not necessary, because if the numbers will be used by the abductors, the name of the owner will be sent a receipt for repayment of the fine, which means that card, which indicates the fact of kidnapping numbers serve as evidence of non-participation of the host.

To get a new number, it is necessary to visit the Civil UTSEPS AT car without license plates, in this case, it is better not to take. Since the movement of unmarked punishable by a fine of $ 5,000 or imprisonment for a specified period of the rights. To make a duplicate should submit the documents for the car and the documents confirming the identity of its owner. For each number will have to pay 1,000 rubles, and will make a duplicate for 15 minutes.

STOLE foreign numbers. What to do in this case?

If the car is registered in another state, you need to restore the license plates will be at the place of registration. Here and there a lot of problems, the most important of which - the delivery of the car with no license plates on the staging site registration. Owners of vehicles will still not an easy task. Manage transport without numbers is prohibited by law. Therefore, the police will need to take a certificate, that the owner said the theft numbers. There is one caveat - such information is only valid per day, therefore, ferrying the car to the place of registration, should only rely on themselves and on the happy occasion. It is forbidden to put on the car that transported, duplicate numbers are made independently. This initiative is a criminal offense.


What will happen to the kidnappers?

During the act is a criminal offense. Theft of number car plates in the mercenary purposes or purposes intended to commit a crime, punishable by a fine, the amount of which can reach 200 000. Also, the thief threatened correctional work for up to 360 hours, or one year imprisonment. If the theft was committed by group of persons by prior agreement and the punishment will be serious.


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